Thriving, not just surviving.

Heaston Church desires to be a church that thrives, and does not just settle for surviving. We long to see our surrounding communities, as well as the world, impacted by the gospel, so that lives are changed and impacted in all areas, including (but not limited to) marriages, parent-child relationships, work-relationships, and friendships.

Thriving means…

…being a church where people of all levels of spiritual maturity grow deeper in their love for the Lord, and grow in their understanding of His love for them.

…seeing people of all ages and from a diversity of races growing together in worship of our Lord, and ministering to one another.

…developing the leaders God places among us to continue on the ministry God has through Heaston Church. 

…giving our efforts to developing impact-makers who love Christ’s Church.

…cultivating a group of people who are safe for others to trust and be honest with who they are, what they struggle with, and where they desire to be in their relationship with the Lord.

…accepting people where they are and encouraging them to continuously grow in the Lord.