Loving, Living, and Leading others to Jesus Christ. 

Loving Jesus Christ: We believe that our ministry as a local church should be from an overflow and an outflow of our love for our Savior, because He first loved us. So we start with "loving Jesus Christ." We want to be a gathering of people who are known first and foremost for our love of Jesus. 

Living Jesus Christ: Our love for Jesus should then be evident as we go about our daily lives in the areas God allows us - work, school, home, rodeos...etc. Jesus told His disciples in John 13 that the world will know that they are His followers (disciples) by the way they love one another, by the way they live! We do not want to be a gathering of people who are content to just know the content of the Bible and the facts about our Savior. We want to be so deeply impacted by our Savior that we can't help but live for Him!

Leading Others to Jesus Christ: This is really a result of the first two points above. If we are continuously growing in our love for Jesus so that we are living out our belief in Jesus and out of our love for Jesus, then we will want to also see others coming to know the love of Jesus as we share with them the good news of God's love and grace. We want to be a gathering of people who not only know the gospel, but who apply it to our own lives daily, and who desire to see others be impacted by it as well!