Good News

The Bad News

Whether we care to admit it or not, things are not as they should be. We are not as we should be. If you have ever found yourself desiring more in life, wondering if there is something bigger than you, something that gives you meaning apart from a job, a relationship, achievements, pleasure, or anything else you may have experienced, it is because you were created and designed for more by Someone bigger than you!

God designed us to be in relationship with Him. We were created to be known by Him and to know Him, but this relationship was severed when the first people, Adam and Eve, turned their affections from God to themselves. They SINNED and as a result all people since have been born with a corrupted nature, not focusing our affection toward God, but toward ourselves. 

It's not just that we do things that are contrary to God, but we ourselves are contrary to God by our very nature. Sin has corrupted us all, and as a result all people are under the wrath of a holy God (Rom 3:23; Rom 6:23; Rom 5:12-21).This is BAD NEWS because sin separates us from being in that relationship with God. We are now lost and dead in our spiritually (Eph 2:1-3). We have need to be made alive, to be given new life, but we can't do anything as sin corrupted people to gain that life. We are with out hope on our own...

The Good News

There is GOOD NEWS, though. Our loving God is not content to leave us in that hopeless position. Knowing that we could not do anything to regain our relationship with Him, He did something. God loves us and wants us to be reconciled in our relationship to Him, so he entered His creation to do something about it! Jesus came to point us back to God and to take on the punishment of God's wrath for our sin so that we would not have to (Rom 5:82 Cor 5:21)!

Because of what God did through Jesus' death on the cross and his being raised from the dead, you now have the opportunity to get new life and be reconciled to God! You don't have to perform - you can't. You don't have to clean up your life first - you can't. God asks us to TRUST what He has done through Christ. He asks us to BELIEVE that Jesus' death paid for our punishment and that his resurrection gives us new life. That's it! It is FAITH. TRUST, BELIEVE, FAITH - they all mean the same. God did what we could not. That is all that is needed to make things right. It is like receiving a gift from someone. You simply accept the gift. You trust that what God said He did is true (John 3:16; Eph 2:8-9).

If you believe this, then God makes you alive spiritually! There is no set way to do this. It is an inward thing. You can do it quietly in your heart or out loud. You can do it right now! Here is a sample prayer that you might consider praying to God to express the inward belief in Jesus:

Loving God, I have become aware of my sin and separation from you. I realize that I need you. I know there is nothing I can do to earn your love or to fix our relationship on my own. I know that you sent Jesus to take the punishment and wrath that I deserve and because of His death in my place and His resurrection, I have that opportunity. I trust that Jesus' death and resurrection is what I need to be made alive and to be reconciled to you. Thank you for loving me so much in allowing Jesus to die for me. Amen. 

If you have believed this, or prayed this prayer (or one similar to it), or if you just have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us