Core Values

Biblically-Grounded means: 
  • We go to the Bible for answers to life's questions 
  • We live our lives based on biblical principles 
  • When need be we take a firm biblical stance on issues that arise
Grace-Oriented means: 
  • We don't live our lives bound by a set of rules (legalism) 
  • We accept people as they are, but we encourage them to be transformed into the image of Christ
  • We create a safe place where people don't feel judged
Relationship-Focused means:
  • We create a warm and welcoming environment that is genuine, and where people feel like they belong
  • We seek to demonstrate what faith looks like in practice
  • We are intentional about communicating and living a biblical model of love and acceptance
Growth-Driven means:
  • We teach people the good news of the Gospel of God's grace through Jesus, and shepherd them to live out their belief
  • We desire to see people have a thirst for understanding the Bible
  • We are focused on developing leaders who lead in both the church and in their work place