What to expect in a visit


We are located in the country (approximately 10 miles south of El Reno at the corner of Reno Rd and S. Heaston Rd). On your drive to Heaston, make sure you take in the beauty that is the country! Dress is casual. Come as you are. You will see most people wearing jeans and a button up shirt or a polo shirt. Some will wear slacks and a button up. On a few occasions you may see a tie or a sport coat. You don't have to clean up for us. 

Parking/Entering the Building

Once you arrive you can find a parking spot on the East side of the building (the newer part of our building's main entrance is here). As you walk up to our doors you will be greeted by some of the Heaston family who can also help you find anything you need. 


If you have kids that need to get to our children's area or youth area, we can help you get there as well and ensure you get them checked in and feel comfortable leaving them for the short while you are away. If you have time, you can make your way to our fellowship area toward the middle of our building where you can top off your cup of coffee, or get your first one of the morning (depending on how your morning has been)! 

Classes/Worship Service

We have a handful of classes you can choose from on Sunday morning starting at 9:30am, and our main Worship Service starts at 10:30am. We'll sing some songs during this time, which you are welcome to sing along with, or not. We blend some songs from Christian music today with some of the hymns from years past. You'll see people of all ages and walks of life at Heaston. 

Come find your place at Heaston Church!