Small Groups

It can be easy to attend a church service once a week for an hour or so and not get to know people or be known by people. Let's be honest, some people prefer it that way! Relationships are important. We believe that the Christian life is not one that is supposed to be lived in isolation from others. We weren't designed that way. We were designed by God to know other people and to be known deeper than just the small talk and pleasantries that take place on a Sunday morning. While Heaston Church can't create the significant relationships for you that you were designed to know and experience, we can provide opportunities for those relationships to be created and for them to flourish. Those opportunities come through our Community Groups.

What is a Community Group?

Community Groups are the Heaston Church version of small groups that meet in people’s homes (generally). We call them Community Groups because our goal is for the people in the groups to ‘do life’ together in biblical community. Biblical community is about developing strong friendships with people so that you can create a safe space to grow together, to encourage each other through the trials of life, and to live life on mission together. Biblical community is about having fun together. It is also about accomplishing the mission of our church – loving, living, and leading others to Jesus Christ – together. To put it simply: we are better together.

What happens during a Community Group?

Each group will look differently as your own personalities, schedules, dreams, and spiritual/practical needs come together. But there will be certain things that these new groups will have in common. Groups will determine their own schedules, but we are asking new groups to gather at least every other week in the early phases.  While a group may choose to engage a variety of topics, many will often discuss the recent sermons and consider how to apply what God is teaching them. A group gathering could be a game night or a picnic at the park. A gathering could also be a service project or an outreach event. Some groups involve their children. Others provide childcare. Some meet during the week. Most meet on Sunday evenings (which is generally the time that is free for the most people). 

If you would like more information about the groups that are available, contact Russ Wells (Pastor of Family Ministries) at